Day 10 of Lent – Live Through It

Since I have been intentionally walking, I understand the need for constant prayer.  I give God all the praise for continuing to keep me and for revealing himself to me daily.  Even with me knowing that he is with me, I still have to push daily to stay on course. I burned two of my fingers yesterday, and I had to bandage them up.  I really had to catch myself to keep from cursing and just throwing in the towel on typing.  I hate pecking.  I have seen people laugh at the Jews of the old testament, because with all of the signs and opportunities that God continually gave them, they still managed to be disobedient.  However, are we much different today?  I really do not think so. I am still running on the message from yesterday, Day 9 of Lent – Praise Him In Advance.  I am ever so thankful for Jesus, and the example that he set for us all.  We can keep pushing through all of the pain and obstacles with God on our side. I dedicate this song to everyone who continues to struggle.  Live Through It!  This will not be the end for you. It’s working for your good.

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Day 9 of Lent – Praise Him In Advance

Whether you believe in spiritual warfare or not, there is no denying that we have things and people that work in opposition to what would keep our spirit at peace. There is no denying that this makes us uneasy and unhappy. If you believe that our God is a loving God, than you must also believe that these things are also against what would make him most pleased. He knows how to handle these things, and we need him to win in times of battle.

As we mature we learn to be thankful for the good times and the bad. Without the bad times we could not appreciate the good times. And without the bad times we would not know how to handle adversity. So find joy in knowing that bad times don’t last always. See the trials as moments of preparation and give praise in advance for the victories that are sure to follow.

Peace, love, and blessings be with you.

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Day 7 of Lent – Let this be our prayer – HOSANNA FOREVER

At times it seems like the more I reach out to our Lord the more active the devil becomes with his distraction.  In spite of all of the challenges,  Dear Jehovah, please continue to allow me and all of your children to remain focused on you, grant us your protection and grace to endure and grow through the obstacles; and when we get through it all, we will attest that Hosanna lives forever.

Day 6 of Lent – Intentionally Walking


While reading Sojourner, I was pleasantly surprised by another writer who writes a piece called “Thoughts on Lent From a Non-Churchgoer”, which echoed my sentiment for this season. Yet again today, like on Day 2 of Lent when I discussed prayer, and referenced a piece called “Lent Is Not Giving Up Stuff” by Jarrod McKenna; Melissa Otterbein writes:

“It feels less to me like giving things up or Bible verses and more about intentionally walking in spiritual pilgrimage with your God. Forty days to develop a practice that honors the sacred journey that is our human experience, giving thanks to the One who made us as we walk alongside this light, this hope.”

How beautifully phrased!!  Thank you for sharing, Melissa.  Intentionally walking really resonated with me. Because unless a person is sleep walking, I have never heard of a person unintentionally walking.  And although walking alongside the One is walking with light and hope, and it may appear as if we are dreaming, at times, the joy comes from knowing that this walk is real and enduring, and being able to witness to the impact that our conscious decision, to walk with Him, has on our lives.  Praise God for the joy inspired praise that flows from our intentional walk with Him this Lenten season.

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“Thoughts on Lent From a Non-Churgoer” by Melissa Otterbein –

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Day 4 of Lent – Staying Inspired

undergroung railroad.robinmiller

“The Underground Railroad” by Robin Joyce Miller

As I have mentioned before, there were a lot of elements that inspired the observance of Lent this year.  However, there is one thing that has keep me inspired, and motivated throughout my life, and that is art.  I love art, music, poetry, dance, film and all forms of self-expression.  No matter where I am in life, whether I am happy or sad, I am able to lose myself in someone else’s artistic expression, or create my own.  I was very excited to have received my church sister’s webpage displaying her beautiful work.  I also discovered that she use to be a Resident Artist at the African American Museum in Hempstead, NY.  I was happy to have visited this museum last year.  There were so many wonderful pieces on display that portrayed African-American history in a way that not only captured our long suffering, but also our victories, our resilience, and our brilliance.  I think it only fitting that Sister Robin Joyce Miller is among them. Her art work is reflective, inspiring, and simply beautiful. It is no secret that African-Americans are very spirit filled people.  Our history of perseverance and faith in action is proof that with God all things are possible.  Congratulations Robin!!! Praise God for you, and the work you allow Him to do through you.

Art that reflects the spirit of God, family, community, advancement, and service, that not only opens the window to new points of views, but also illuminates what may, at times, seem bleak, is priceless; it gives life balance, and a balanced life is art. Continue to follow Praising God 365 for additional artists and sources of inspiration.  

Follow the wonderful, classic, artist, Robin Joyce Miller, via her webpage –  Her work is on display at Zion Union Heritage Museum, Hyannis, MA.

And if you are in NY, visit the African-American Museum –