Day 6 of Lent – Intentionally Walking


While reading Sojourner, I was pleasantly surprised by another writer who writes a piece called “Thoughts on Lent From a Non-Churchgoer”, which echoed my sentiment for this season. Yet again today, like on Day 2 of Lent when I discussed prayer, and referenced a piece called “Lent Is Not Giving Up Stuff” by Jarrod McKenna; Melissa Otterbein writes:

“It feels less to me like giving things up or Bible verses and more about intentionally walking in spiritual pilgrimage with your God. Forty days to develop a practice that honors the sacred journey that is our human experience, giving thanks to the One who made us as we walk alongside this light, this hope.”

How beautifully phrased!!  Thank you for sharing, Melissa.  Intentionally walking really resonated with me. Because unless a person is sleep walking, I have never heard of a person unintentionally walking.  And although walking alongside the One is walking with light and hope, and it may appear as if we are dreaming, at times, the joy comes from knowing that this walk is real and enduring, and being able to witness to the impact that our conscious decision, to walk with Him, has on our lives.  Praise God for the joy inspired praise that flows from our intentional walk with Him this Lenten season.

Click the link below to read the entire post. `

“Thoughts on Lent From a Non-Churgoer” by Melissa Otterbein –

Click on this link to hear the Praising God 365 playlist on YouTube.nMyGoals on youtube


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