Day 10 of Lent – Live Through It

Since I have been intentionally walking, I understand the need for constant prayer.  I give God all the praise for continuing to keep me and for revealing himself to me daily.  Even with me knowing that he is with me, I still have to push daily to stay on course. I burned two of my fingers yesterday, and I had to bandage them up.  I really had to catch myself to keep from cursing and just throwing in the towel on typing.  I hate pecking.  I have seen people laugh at the Jews of the old testament, because with all of the signs and opportunities that God continually gave them, they still managed to be disobedient.  However, are we much different today?  I really do not think so. I am still running on the message from yesterday, Day 9 of Lent – Praise Him In Advance.  I am ever so thankful for Jesus, and the example that he set for us all.  We can keep pushing through all of the pain and obstacles with God on our side. I dedicate this song to everyone who continues to struggle.  Live Through It!  This will not be the end for you. It’s working for your good.

Click on this link to hear the Praising God 365 playlist on YouTube.nMyGoals on youtube


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